SANDPOINT, Idaho -- “Wow” is one word people had to describe the first public viewing of solar panels made for roads.

The Solar Roadways team showed a portion of the installed pilot project in Jim Jones Square Saturday.

Solar Roadways Founders Scott and Julie Brusaw said they could only show some of the work they have done because it took longer than expected.

"We're right in the middle of the installation. We've got some of them hooked up and running so you can see what the LEDs do," Scott Brusaw told the crowd gathered in the square.

Brusaw said they needed a few more hours to finish up the test installation that would produce power for nearby restrooms and a fountain.

"This is the very first one so it's a little bit of a learning experience. We've made several trips to Home Depot. Things we didn't think to get we had to buy at the last minute," said Brusaw. "I am an electrical engineer. A civil engineer is someone who builds roads, so we had to go out, and get the expertise of different universities and different groups. So it's come a long way."

And there’s more to come, Brusaw said. He said their goal is to have panels manufactured so they will be more affordable.

"It's coming to fruition. It's exciting. I think it's scary at the same time because it's a big leap,” said Brusaw.