KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho --- The Timberlake Fire Department is trying to raise money to buy one of their old firetrucks from the 1940s that was found in Canada.

The firetruck was in service in 1966 in the area around Athol when the fire department was run by women, said Timberlake Fire’s Brandon Hermenet. Most of the men were in the military so they would be deployed and the women would run the fire department, said Hermenet.

The truck was found by a Facebook friend in Canada about 20 minutes across the border, said a Timberlake Firefighters’ Facebook post. This person posted pictures of it to a Facebook page called “Old School North Idaho,” this is when it was brought to the fire department’s attention. The owner has said he is willing to sell it for $3,000 and transport costs to Athol.

The fire department said they are still trying to figure out what they will do to try and raise the money, but some of their ideas are car washes and pancake feeds. They are also looking for people that can do painting, electrical or other restoration work on the old truck to get it back into shape.

Hermenet said it still runs when you turn it on but will need a big overhaul to be counted on for consistency. The fire department hopes to use it for the Bayview and Athol Daze parades as well as the Christmas food drive and all their other events throughout the year, said their Facebook post.

They are asking for donations or help with the fundraising to bring the truck back to Athol and get her in parade shape.