ORIENT, Wash. --- In Northern Washington, a Ferry County man and his brother were using a metal detector when they stumbled upon something pretty unique.

Last week, the two brothers were using a metal detector behind a school, in the small town of Orient, Wash.

Previously, they found old pieces of scrap metal and a license plate.

This time, they stumbled upon a round metal item. At first, the brothers just thought it was junk. Upon further inspection of the item, they saw the name Willie Fryett engraved on the back of it.

NIck Porter looked at school records to try and find someone who matched that name. He was able to find a Willie Fryett who was part of the inaugural class at the Orient school in 1910.
Porter then went to Google and ancestry.com to find out more about Fryett.

Porter said he was able to figure out Fryett left Orient around 1920 and headed West to Bremerton, Washington.

Luckily, Porter was able to find an email address for someone who had the last name Fryett in Western Washington. He decided to try and email the person to see if they had heard of Willie Fryett.

Porter got an email back from a person saying he was the great-grandson of Willie Fryett.

This weekend, Porter will meet up with Willie Fryett’s descendants to give them the watch piece and a copy of Fryett’s school photo.

What very well could have ended up as trash, now will become a family treasure.