SPOKANE, Wash. --- Following the presidential election, protesters from across the country are demonstrating in support of minority groups and immigrants. Along with that, a new trend is spreading through college campuses in an effort to support undocumented students.

Students are pushing for sanctuary campuses, where schools would protect students from being deported. Eastern Washington University is one of the campuses in support of this idea.

By estimate, 200 students are undocumented at EWU, along with many others across the country.

Since President-elect Donald Trump’s victory at the polls, dozens of schools across the country have followed suit.

University of Washington and the University of Montana are both universities where sanctuary campuses have been proposed. Yale and UCLA, along with many other colleges across the country also support the idea.

Students in favor of the sanctuary campuses said they believe it to be an issue of morality, not politics.

KREM 2 On Your Side wanted to know how a sanctuary campus would actually work. A school representative told KREM 2, that the school’s board of trustees would have to vote to approve such a move.

According to an education industry website, some specific things could happen.

First, a university would ban immigration authorities from coming on campus without a warrant. At the same time, university police could also refuse to cooperate with federal agents who wish to deport a specific student.

The consequences of such a decision could cause a school to lose federal funding.

Currently, there is no word if EWU’s board of trustees even plan on voting for a sanctuary campus.