PULLMAN, Wash. – A racist video involving students from Washington State University has made its way around social media. The original video shows a verbal altercation between a white male student and black female students at a campus anti-Trump rally in October 2016.

The male student is seen making comments to the female students based on their skin color. One woman responded saying, “White men are the biggest terrorists in America.”

A second video, involving the same footage from the rally, was edited with memes, additional video and racial slurs.

Students took to social media to express their anger and frustration over the edited video.

KREM 2 reached out to a student in the video, Kamiah Kent, as well as the student that posted the original, unedited video. The student who originally posted the video did not respond or comment on the situation.

Kent said the video cruelly mocks her and her friends because of their race.

“We were pissed off and because we were so pissed, emotions were so high. We were angry,” said Kent.

Kent said tensions had been building on campus after the WSU College Republicans built a mock border wall in support of then-candidate Trump.

“I don’t feel safe here as a person of color,” said Kent. “The fact that it happened to me, the fact that I was in that video and then they show a picture of Africans dancing in the woods. Like, this is what they think about us.”

Kent told KREM 2 the video was hard for her to watch and that the same goes for other minority students.

“It was very rude. Very vile. Not inclusive, I should say, of differing opinions,” said student Dalvin Yarbrough.

The university immediately condemned the video. WSU President Kirk Schulz tweeted, “The video is offensive and does not represent WSU values and our desire for an inclusive campus environment.”

Schulz said the university has opened an investigation into whoever posted the edited version of the video. However, for Kent, that may not be enough to mend the divisiveness on campus.

“That doesn’t change the fact there are a lot of people that have racist, ignorant rhetoric,” said Kent.