SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Public School is going digital with new online tools to help both parents and students.

SPS has done away with paper bus registration and instead opted for online registration. Registration is due by June 30.

The school district hopes to have registrations in as early as possible, so they can plan out their buses for the 2017-2018 school year.

Registration can be completed here and requires a a student’s ID number, his or her birthday, and his or her level of school next year.

The completely online registration process is also bringing a few new digital tools with it. The first is Z-Pass, which allows students to carry a small card that will alert parents as they enter and exit the bus. Parents will get a message sent directly to their computer or cell phone. To receive the messages, parents must head to zpassplus.com to register.

SPS is also launching a bus tracking app, called the Durham Bus Tracker, that will allow parents to track their student’s bus in real time as it drives along the route. The app can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Both the Z-Pass and tracking app are voluntary.