SPOKANE, Wash.—The students in a North Idaho classroom will not be cooped up this winter.

Northwest Expedition Academy elementary school in Hayden, Idaho received 12 chickens and chicken coops outside of the school.

The students at NEXA got their new “classmates” earlier on October.

Special Education teacher Vanessa Staudacher helps out with the poultry club.

Staudacher said having the chickens provides a great learning opportunity that connects with everything the students were already learning in the classroom.

“We know that the stuff you remember, that’s where the learning takes place. When they’re engaged, when they’re having fun, that’s when we’re learning! That’s an opportunity to learn,” said Staudacher.

The students in the poultry club learn about the chickens, the egg laying process, and will eventually learn how to get an egg selling license, create a marketing strategy, and finally to sell the eggs to fundraise for school events.

The students in the poultry club said they enjoy learning about the chickens.

“I just like getting the eggs, and checking up on them because I’m really nice to a lot of animals. I respect them,” said second grader Cache Gaby.

The students said they liked having the opportunity to get out of the classroom and learn with their hands.