SPOKANE, Wash. – A school district in Ohio has banned the use of cell phones at all times during the school day. KREM 2 asked viewers if Spokane schools should allow cell phones in the classroom and we received a lot of responses.

KREM 2 looked at cell phone policies for five Spokane area school districts. They ranged from relaxed rules to very specific guidelines on when phones can be used. Spokane Public Schools, Central Valley and East Valley public school districts all have similar policies. Electronic devices cannot be used during class, but cell phone use is allowed during lunch time and before or after school.

The remaining two local school districts have policies that are less specific.

In the Mead School District, cell phone use is generally allowed, but students are encouraged to leave the electronic devices at home. The district leaves specific restrictions up to the schools. As for West Valley, there is no formal cell phone policy which said cell phones can be used with permission from the teacher.

There is no word on whether any of these school districts plan to tighten their cell phone use politics in the near future.