SPOKANE, Wash --- Monday morning is a normal work day for many people, so many people will be on the roads during the eclipse. Accidents can be caused by distracted driving, and looking at the eclipse while driving could cause accidents.

Trying to look at the eclipse while driving has the potential to cause a traffic accident. It may seem like common sense but if you want to see the eclipse and you are driving, you should pull over.

“It’s distracted driving, is what it is. You’re not being distracted by a cell phone or a radio, you’re being distracted by the eclipse, so that’s going to look at the eclipse while driving, does have the potential to cause a traffic accident,” said Washington State Patrol Trooper Kyle Witt.

WSP is expecting the same thing that happens when people try to look at crashes or construction as they are driving down the freeway. Drivers slow down to look and then create an unsafe situation for the driver behind them.

“What we’re trying to do is prevent any collisions from happening, so I guess the best advice I could give is to try not to be on the roadways during that 10 o’clock hour when the eclipse is supposed to start,” said Trooper Witt.

If you do need to be on the roads during that time, we have a tip for you.

“If you have to, we don’t want you to pull to the shoulder either, we want you to stay off the shoulder because those are for emergency vehicles if something does happen,” said Trooper Witt.

Do not put your eclipse glasses on while driving either, they are not regular sunglasses and could cause problems.

WSP said there is a potential for accidents to happen during the eclipse, though they will not add more patrols during it.