SPOKANE, Wash. – For those of us who did not prepare for the solar eclipse properly, we may have missed our chance to watch it live!

The special solar eclipse glasses that protect your precious eyes from the sun’s harmful rays during an eclipse are sold out just about everywhere.

Many places did not expect to get any more shipments in before the big event on Monday.

KREM 2 called several Ace Hardware stores, all of which are owned individually, and found all of them were sold out, or never had them.

Solar Eclipse. The moon moving in front of the sun. 

The only local place we were able to track solar eclipse glasses down at was the Spokane Eye Clinic. They were expecting a shipment on Tuesday afternoon.

At their three locations, they were expecting to get 500 glasses per location and to give them out for free, with a limit of two per household.

By the time we got there early Tuesday afternoon, there were dozens of people in line for the glasses, with the earliest people in line there since that morning!

We found some on Amazon but the price has gone way up. Someone at KREM 2 was able to buy five for about $15 on Monday, but Tuesday five solar eclipse glasses were running $85 on Amazon.

We also called many of the area Fred Meyer stores and local WalMarts, without finding anyone that has the coveted glasses.

So, if you waited until the last minute to get a pair, you might end up shelling out more than you would have a few weeks ago.

We asked people online if they knew of any places with solar eclipse glasses left; you can follow along in the comments below. Please hop in if you know of any places with glasses!