SPOKANE, Wash --- People who want to check out the eclipse have gotten enough information, but what should you know for your pets?

The continental United States will witness its first solar eclipse since 1979, Monday. The sun blocking phenomenon typically lasts about two minutes.

Without safety glasses, staring up at the eclipse could mean permanent damage to your eyes.

So, should you be concerned about your dogs or cats?

There are mixed opinions on whether your dog or cat should be sporting safety glasses, according to the Mother Nature Network. There is no need for them to wear glasses, since pets do not usually look at the sun long enough to cause any real damage, said one expert.

Another expert said dogs tend to follow their owners, so if you are looking or pointing at the sky your dog might want to see what is going on.

Cats are more aloof usually, so you should not be worried about them during the eclipse.

As far as changes in behaviors, scientists said because pets stick to their owner’s schedule, the sudden change from day time to what looks like night should not be a problem.

The solar eclipse could still be confusing and a bit scary for your pet, so it is recommended that you keep an eye on them.

The California Academy of Sciences is asking people to document what they see during the eclipse. They want people to record how animals and plants seem to be behaving. They have an app that can help you get started.