While some have planned well ahead on seeing the total solar eclipse in Oregon, here’s a look at how much you could spend if you decide on heading south last-minute.

Lodging – At least $400

By now, it’s unlikely to find any camping options if you haven’t already booked it.

If you want a roof over your head, several Craigslist post in Salem start at about $400. Another posting showed a parking space offered for $1,000.

Gas – At least $100

Depending on your vehicle, of course.

WSP recommends you are all fueled up by the time you get down to Oregon. If you do need gas, be prepared for long lines.

Backup Food and Water – at least $35 per person

You’ll need enough food to last a few days just in case.

Rachael Rinehart spent $70 at the Ballard Fred Meyer on Friday night for her and her boyfriend’s backup food supply. They are heading to eastern Oregon to watch the eclipse. Her supplies included dehydrated meals, gallons of water, and ready to eat snacks like pepperoni sticks and cheese slices.

Cooler $28

Sleeping bag $35

Cash $200?

However much you feel comfortable carrying, while also having enough for gas and food in case credit card machines aren’t connecting to their networks.

Unofficial total for one person at least $600

We split the lodging in half because the Craigslist ads fit at least two people.

Keep in mind, you might need some other things, like a first aid kit, an emergency road kit, and an extra day or two of prescriptions.