JACKSON, Wyo --- Harrison Ford recorded five fire safety PSA’s for a fire agency in Wyoming this summer.

Ford is well versed in outer space phenomenon from his time as the Star Wars hero, Han Solo. Now, Ford is working to help keep our local forests safe during the eclipse on Monday.

The actor recorded five fire safety PSA’s this summer for Teton County Fire Agency, before the eclipse. Ford lives part time at an 800-acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He is known for flying his helicopter as part of local search and rescue missions.

He is credited with saving a 13-year-old stranded Boy Scout in Yellowstone National Park in 2001. Ford also rescued a hiker off the eleven-thousand-foot Table Mountain in Teton County, after she was weakened by altitude sickness and dehydration.

“Ford was excited to record the fire safety PSA’s,” said Bridger Teton National Forest Public Affairs Officer, Mary Cernick.

Cernick said Ford met them at a local radio station in Jackson, with a pen in hand. He made all his own edits, sat down and recorded all five PSA’s. He was “hands on and happy to help” according to someone who was there.

“Fires don’t know boundaries, and the eclipse will reach a wide reach along the Inland Northwest,” said Cernick.

You can check out all five videos here.