SPOKANE, Wash --- There are a lot of questions being asked about the eclipse, so KREM decided to look in to some of the most asked questions.

One of the big questions for travelers was, will there be any highway closures planned because of the eclipse? No, we have not been able to find any information on roads or highways being closed, because of the eclipse. This does not mean closures will not happen for reasons like traffic collisions, but there is nothing as a result of the eclipse.

In the same category, some wondered if certain lanes will be reserved for emergency vehicles. No no lanes will be reserved for emergency vehicles, that is why it is especially important to not block the road shoulders or off-ramps. These are the main paths emergency vehicles travel through.

“What we really want to make sure people know is don’t park alongside the road in the area of totality. Oregon Department of Transportation is worried about that. And even here in the partial totality, don’t try to look at the partial eclipse while you’re driving,” said WSDOT’s Public Information Officer, Al Gilson.

If you want to watch the eclipse, you will need to find a safe and legal place to park your car.

There was also a weather question. With all the smoke we have seen, will we be able to see the eclipse through the smoke? As of right now, yes, you will be able to see it. There are currently no Air Quality Alerts in effect for most of Eastern Washington. Fire danger is still high, but most of the smoke that was in our area has left.

One of the biggest questions we have gotten is how to verify your eclipse glasses are the correct ones. According to the American Astronomical Society, certified glasses will be labeled with the text “ISO 12312-2.