SPOKANE, Wash.—Washington state parks have been prepared for the crowds the total solar eclipse will bring in August 21 before people started booking their campsites and getting their park passes.

Washington State Parks Communications Director, Virginia Painter, said that’s because the parks and campsites throughout Washington are usually booked up for the summer every year, anyway.

Park officials said they were not expecting an influx of people for the eclipse because Washington brings people from all over to their parks and campsites on years when there isn’t a huge event like a solar eclipse.

Painter said she didn’t think there was too much to worry about, and that campers and visitors should just follow campsite rules and expectations.

“We’re not expecting a bigger party or anything too unusual for the eclipse,” said Painter.

Painter said that while the parks aren’t worried about the eclipse bringing in huge crowds, they welcomed people to come out and watch.