SPOKANE, Wash. —There are more than 30 solar eclipse apps in the Apple app store and more than 70 in the Google Play store that claim to supplement eclipse viewing.

However you are looking to view the total solar eclipse, we looked into a few apps that could help you out. Apps range from offering maps and timers to virtual reality.

One app, GLOBE Observer, is sponsored by NASA looking for the help of citizen scientists. You can record your observations and submit your personal photos that will be used to validate NASA satellite data during the eclipse.

There's also the Solar Eclipse Timer app that allows you to track where and when you may be able to see the eclipse from your location. The app includes audio cues on what to look out for as the moon passes in front of the sun.

For those who might be inside during the eclipse, there is an app to live stream the event from NASA cameras through the Smithsonian Eclipse 2017 app.

There are also a few apps that claim to allow your smart phone to take the place of protective eye glasses for viewing the eclipse. The only true way to safely view the eclipse is with certified solar eclipse glasses. There are no apps that can take the place of these glasses.

Whatever your technological interests are for next week, remember to look up from that smart phone and enjoy the view!