SPOKANE, Wash --- The last solar eclipse was in 1979, and it dominated the headlines just like it is doing this year.

People from Goldendale, Washington brought their breakfast, blankets and chairs early in the morning to experience the most anticipated astronomical event of the year.

Thirty-eight years ago the eclipse was plastered over every major newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. It was a huge story, just like it is this year, and people shared the same excitement too.

The Gonzaga Bulletin covered the event and even mentioned the next eclipse was in 2017.

Here is an excerpt from the article,” As bit by bit, the moon shadow seems to envelop the sun, and the day begins to darken.”

The people who experienced the event in 1979 have a second chance to see this rare phenomenon grace our skies. This time the weather is supposed to be better, with less cloud cover than in 1979.