Spokane, Wash.— Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous to people on the road as a drunk driver.

Both drunk driving and drowsy driving are illegal in the state of Washington.

Reports said an alarming one-third of drivers have fallen asleep while driving.

Drunk driving and drowsy driving both make it hard to pay attention to the road and impact how fast a person can make decisions behind the wheel, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Reports said sleep deprivation can similar effects on your body that alcohol does.

For example, going 18 hours without sleep would be like driving with a blood alcohol level content of .05.

Studies showed that going a full 24 hours without sleep is like having a BAC of .10, which is over the legal limit of .08.

A key difference between drunk driving and drowsy driving is that a drunk driver can try to react slowly before getting into a crash, but a drowsy driver might just nod off while flying down the road, according to the National Sleep foundation.