It’s that story that we can’t seem to get away from: Creepy clowns making viral threats online.

Of course, there is nothing to be afraid of locally in the Inland Northwest but just to be sure – and since so many of you asked us about an exceptionally creepy viral threat -- we talked to the police.

“Anybody can post anything they want on the internet,” said Shane Phillips, from the Spokane Police Department.

Phillips said posts like this can just be an attempt to try and scare people.

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The most recent viral posts KREM 2 viewers asked about threatens that there will be a ‘purge’ on the night before Halloween and asks people to put their pets inside and keep all doors and windows locked. Phillips added, that these types of hoaxes get perpetuated in the media and online.

“This is a night to go out and enjoy themselves and should not be stopped by posts like this,” said Phillips.

After a little snooping, it appears the original so-called "clown purge" threat comes from a Facebook account based in Ontario.

Other posts on the page for "Skylar Eady" seem to have nothing to do with clowns.

Other online - frankly, unverifiable - media outlets have picked up the story about a so-called purge, likely fanning the flames of panic.

Don't worry, police said, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Editors Note: Normally, KREM 2 would only report on clown threats that are being actively investigated but we received so many inquiries about the viral post, we felt we had to debunk it.