SPOKANE, Wash. -- A 35-year-old man now faces murder charges after a caregiver found his father’s body covered in blood in the bathroom.

Police arrested Matthew C. Bossard, 35, on Thursday. His father, 61-year-old Robert Bossard’s body was found on Thursday afternoon inside their shared home in the 8600 block of N. Whitehouse Drive.

A caregiver told police she arrived at the house to provide assistance to a different family member living there, the suspect’s mother and wife of the deceased.

According to court documents, she got worried when no one answered the door for several minutes and even called her work to figure out how to proceed.

She was told to keep trying to make contact, per court documents, and eventually the woman she was caring for, Karen Bossard, answered the door. According to court documents, Karen’s first statements to the caretaker were that “he’s dead.”

The caretaker said she asked Karen who was dead and where and was told Robert was deceased in the main floor bathroom. She said the Matthew told her not to go in there and she did anyway to discover the body.

Karen told investigators she had been asleep in bed and not seen any sort of incident. She said she used her walker to exit her bedroom and walk down the hallway. She said she saw her husband with his head in the tub and buttock in the air over the tub edge.

She told investigators she tried to call for help, but the phones in the kitchen, living room and bedroom were not working. According to court documents, she said she needed to sit down and did so in the living room when her son, Matthew came upstairs. She told investigators she told him to check on Bob in the bathroom and that she did not believe he had gone in the bathroom at all.

“When asked if she thought Bob would hurt himself, she said she did not think he would,” according to court documents. “When Karen was asked if she thought Matthew would hurt Bob, she said she didn’t thinks [sic] so but at the same time was not sure.”

According to court documents, a deputy responding to the scene observed blood splatter on the base of the toilet. He believed that if this were a suicide the blood would not have been there.

“There was so much blood everywhere in the bathroom it struck me as odd considering he had shot himself or even had he been shot in the head, he likely would have fallen right there, but there was blood on top of the toilet several feet away from his body, as well as all over the floor and walls of the tub,” the deputy recalled in the court documents.

Deputies said they found Matthew Bossard coming into the house through a back door with a box of items he said he planned to burn. The caregiver told deputies she believed Matthew had a drug problem, and deputies suspected he was getting rid of drugs and paraphernalia.Matthew's version of events, told to detectives at the Public Safety building downtown, involved him denying killing his father.

He told detectives he had been in the hallway with his mother when he heard the shot fired, according to court documents. He said he turned around and found his father slumped up against the tub with his head against the wall. Bossard told detectives he had been worried about blood on the floor and lifted the body in to the tub, then tried to clean the scene by using sand to absorb the blood and grabbing an unknown spray bottle to clean up. He told detectives he had found a 9mm handgun on the floor, “made it safe” and picked up a spent casing he had seen on the floor and put them in a plastic bag.

He said he never called 911 for help because he thought help was already on the way.

During his interview, Matthew Bossard told investigators he believed his father was trying to hurt him and his mother.

“It was very apparent that Matthew believed or was trying to get us to believe Robert was out to kill he or his mother,” a deputy reported in court documents. “Matthew came off in the interview as being extremely paranoid.”

Investigators said he described ingredients on lotions bottles he thought were strange that sounded very common, or things out of place in the home that did not seem strange to investigators. According to court documents, Bossard said he had a girlfriend in their past who had miscarried their baby and “inferred the possibility that his father was behind the miscarriage."

The Spokane Medical Examiner determined the cause of death to be a gunshot wound to the head, in the manner of homicide. A judge set his bond at $1,000,000 for the first degree murder charge.