SPOKANE, Wash. --- Detectives recently filed a warrant to obtain the cell phone records of the homeowner who shot and killed a Spokane Valley man last October.

42-year-old Nakia Shane Burland was shot and killed by a homeowner on Oct. 23 on East Montgomery near North Flora Road. The homeowner told detectives he had been drinking and playing video games when someone “aggressively” knocked on his door.

The homeowner, who has not been charged, said when he opened the door, he saw Burland about 15 feet away.

The homeowner said he confronted Burland with his gun and said Burland didn’t move but asked “where’s my bike?” The homeowner said the man “bull rushed” him and so he fired his gun one time. Burland said “you hit me” and then ran away.

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The homeowner said that after Burland ran away, he went back in his house and called police. He told police he had never met that man before and had no idea who he was. When police were shining lights on his property he saw a bicycle that did not belong to him leaning on a building behind his house.

In a warrant filed this week, detectives sought the phone records of the homeowner from his cellular provider.