THE WOODLANDS, Texas - Deputies found 15 high-priced stolen purses inside a woman's vehicle after she was arrested for a hit and run accident.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Maria Rangel, 26, fled the scene of the accident at The Woodlands Mall on Saturday.

Deputies tracked her down and searched her vehicle where they found the stolen Michael Kors purses. The bags were taken from the Macy's inside the mall and still had tags on them, deputies said.

They also found wire cutters inside one of the purses.

Deputies reviewed surveillance footage from inside the store and said Rangel can be seen on camera with two other people, stealing the purses.

The bags were worth $4,700 and were returned to Macy's by deputies after Rangel's arrest.

Deputies said the other two accomplices have been identified and warrants will be filed for their arrests.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a hit and run accident at The Woodlands Mall, located at 1201 Lake Woodlands Dr. Deputies located the suspect vehicle on the Mall Ring Road and made a traffic stop. During the investigation, Deputies searched the vehicle and found 15 Michael Kors purses in the back of the suspect vehicle. The bags still had tags on them. Deputies also found a pair a wire cutters in one of the purses. Deputies reviewed video of Macy’s Department Store which showed the suspect and two other accomplices stealing the purses. The purses were returned to Macy’s. The driver identified as Maria Rangel 06/16/1991 H/F was arrested for FSGI as a result of the hit and run accident as well as felony possession of stolen property for the $4,700.00 worth of purses. The other two accomplices have been identified and warrants will be filed for their arrest. Great job Deputies!

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