SPOKANE, Wash. --- Thursday, President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike against Syria and that decision didn’t sit well with some people.

Friday, protesters took to the streets in Spokane to speak out against the bombing. They gathered at the intersection of North River Drive and Division Street. They had signs and some even wore gas masks.

"It's outrageous to deny entry to Syrian refugees and then bomb Syria. That’s not how we solve the problem there,” Director of the Peace and Justice Action League Liz Moore said. "What we need to do is not be sucked into a false choice which is we either do nothing or we bomb."

The protesters said they fear the United States' solution to the conflict in Syria could be war.

"It's a big deal, and anyone who doesn't think it's a big deal isn't paying attention enough,” Demonstrator Elizabeth Schindler said.

That's why members of the Peace and Justice Action League, Veterans for Peace and others were there. Ray Thorne, a veteran, was among them.

"I think the problems are perceived as military problems, when they're not military problems. The military should be used for self-defense,” Thorne said.

But not everyone feels this way. After the missile attack many took to social media to praise the president for taking action. Some Washington and Idaho lawmakers agreed with the decision as well.