SPOKANE, Wash. — Police said Oshay Sharp was on the run Saturday after police tried pulling him over for an unsafe lane change.

Reports show police believe Sharp ditched the vehicle and took off on foot to the nearest property.

Nine people were inside a house at the time Sharp barreled into the home. Reports show Sharp ran to the nearest property from where he took off on foot, right into Windy Durham's living room.

"I saw him running up the front stairs and I saw them coming to the door, so I came to the door, Durham said. “"You never know what's going to happen. You see force like that, I thought he was gonna get shot.”

Sharp’s force of entry knocked Durham back. Police came barging in as well. Reports show the suspect took refuge in the basement of the home.

Durham and several of her family members were herded outside. Two of her kids were still inside.

"I was like mama bear. I was like 'move!' I wanna get my babies!” Durham said.

According to court documents, police found Sharp in the basement and arrested him.

Documents also show police discovered meth and a gun inside Sharp’s car. He now faces multiple charges, including obstructing police. His bond is set at $50,000 dollars.

Despite having her door broken down, the homeowner has a message of compassion for the suspect.

"I heard an officer say something about a gun in the car. I'm sure that's a big deal. I don't want to add onto it,” Durham said.

Durham refused to file charges.

Nobody was reported to be injured in the incident.