SPOKANE, Wash. --- On Oct. 7 a woman was getting ready to load her groceries into her car when a woman grabbed her purse and tried to take off with it.

The incident happened at the Walmart on 9212 N. Colton Street. The victim had her purse sitting in the upper portion her shopping car, while she loaded her groceries in her car.

A young woman walked towards the victim and grabbed the purse out of the cart. The thief ran towards a purple Mazda.

The victim chased after the woman and was able to grab onto her purse. The thief got inside the passenger side of the Mazda and would not let go of the purse. The thief slammed the car door on the victim and sped off.

A witness at Walmart said she saw a man driving a suspicion vehicle through the parking lot. A few moments later, she heard the victim screaming. The witness said the victim seemed to be in a state of shock, after the car took off.

A detective was able to track down the Mazda and pulled the vehicle over.

The suspects were identified as, Amber L. Ranis and Brian J. Zimmerman.

Ranis admitted to taking the victim’s purse. She also admitted she slammed the passenger door against the victim’s head.

Ranis said she got rid of the purse and the credit cards that were in the purse and spent the stolen cash on drugs. Ranis said the victim’s wallet was at 320 W. Falcon Ave in Spokane.

Officers requested a search warrant so they could search the property. On Oct. 17 officers searched the house and found two stolen Visa debit cards that belonged to the victim.

Officers arrested Ranis and Zimmerman for one count of first degree assault and four counts of second degree theft.