SPOKANE, Wash. – A gelato-eating burglar is already out of jail after burglarizing multiple homes in the Perry District last summer.

Michelle McGlynn-Bell, 27, was arrested in June of 2016 for multiple burglaries, including one where she stopped to eat gelato out of a homeowner’s freezer. At the time, police said she was terrorizing the Perry District.

Officers searched for her for several weeks and credited social media with helping identify her. As McGlynn-Bell kept hitting homes, neighbors kept snapping photos and posting them online.

Mcglynn-Bell was arrested after a homeowner found her in an apartment he rents in his backyard. The homeowner believed she spent hours in the apartment gathering items to steal. He said she packed dozens of items into duffle bags and boxes and hid them all over the neighborhood. It took several people hours to find all of the stolen goods. They described it like a scavenger hunt for your own belongings. That same homeowner chased her down and held her until police arrived.

“When I caught up to her, she didn’t want to be caught of course, she started hitting and kicking and biting,” the homeowner recalled. “She bit my wrist.”

More than one year later, McGlynn-Bell pleaded guilty to nine charges last week, including assault, five home burglaries, and theft. However, because she has no prior felony convictions, the judge sentenced her as a first time offender. That means the court has the option to sentence her to 0-90 days in jail, along with community custody. McGlynn-Bell was given credit for 63 days served and sentenced to a year of community custody. Attorneys said this is a typical sentence for someone who does not have a felony history on their record.