SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. --- A man came back to his fifth wheel travel trailer to find a woman, who he did not know, asleep in his bed. He said the place was trashed and the woman had eaten his food and drank his beer.

The incident happened back in September, at 2020 N. Dollar Road in Spokane Valley.

The window to the trailer was open and the screen had been taken off. The man asked her who she was and why she was sleeping in his bed. The man said she replied with “can’t I be here?”

The woman, later identified as Eugenia A. Reuter, was also wearing the resident’s BMW T-shirt that she found in the trailer.

Reuter ran out of the trailer and jumped over a nearby fence. The man tried chasing her down while he dialed 911 for help.

Deputies were able to find the woman. At first, she lied about her real name. She said she lied about her real name because she did not want to get stuck with the medical bills for her hand.

Reuter said she did go inside the trailer and asked why she could not visit someone named "George". Deputies checked the gate near the trailer and found a piece of fabric that matched the rip in Reuter’s sweatpants.

Reuter yelled “I’m sorry” before they left the residence.

According to court documents Reuter wrongfully obtained or exerted unauthorized control over the property of another person. She also knowingly made a false or misleading statement to a public servant.

Reuter was booked into the Spokane County Jail.