SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. --- A woman faces charges after apparently attacking a man at a truck stop with his own cane and breaking his dentures.

Terri Jo Whiteman, 34, is charged with second degree assault and malicious mischief after the apparent attack.

The man told police he and his wife had stopped at a Flying J truck stop to sleep for a few hours in their sleeper van before they continued their road trip from Colorado to Seattle.

He said he went into the Flying J to use the bathroom while his wife was asleep inside the van. When he walked out, he said, Whiteman was pounding on the passenger side of the van. The man said he asked Whiteman what she was doing and she said something to him about her baby being in the van.

“Without warning, Terri grabbed a large cinder block that was nearby and threw it at him,” according to court documents. She apparently grabbed the man’s cane and they struggled.

According to court documents, Whiteman eventually wrested the cane from the victim and hit him twice in the face with it. The first blow broke his dentures, and the second blow was to his right check and caused a large laceration that required stitches, the documents said.

The victim’s wife came out and tried to get Whiteman away, the officer reported. Whiteman then walked away from the scene. A responding deputy said Whiteman ran away from them when they arrived, and hid under a parked semi truck trailer. The deputy called her out from under the trailer, and she complied.

“Terri made the unsolicited statement that she thought there was a crying child in the van,” the deputy said in the report. Whiteman also said the man had hit her with the cane first, the deputy said according to court documents.

Whiteman is currently being held at Spokane County Jail on $50,000 bond.