SANDY, Ore. -- Truckers driving on Interstate 84 took action when they saw a visibly drunk driver stop his car on the freeway and get out to urinate all over the road.

A trucker and passenger witnessed the driver, later identified as 25-year-old Philip Ramirez of Sandy, weaving all over the freeway in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Oct. 18, according to Lt. Chad Gaidos with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

The driver called police while his passenger recorded video of the incident. The video was later posted on YouTube (Warning: Strong language throughout).

Video shows Ramirez stopping his car, getting out and relieving himself while he stumbled around next to his car.

Two truck drivers knew they couldn’t let him get away. They used their semitrailers to box Ramirez in until police could arrive and arrest him for DUII and disorderly conduct.

“Anytime we see an impaired driver on the road, it’s too often,” said Gaidos.