SPOKANE, Wash. --- Three people face charges after trying to return stolen items from Walgreens using receipts plucked out of the trash.

According to court documents, the three suspects tried to do a cash return at the Walgreens on Liberty Lake Road on Aug. 31. The store employees realized the merchandise had been stolen from another Walgreens earlier and called police.

When officers got there, they said one of the suspects, James Wright, 36, was inside the store and another two were outside in a car. The other two suspects - Curtis Cathcart, 23, and Nicole Radford, 31 – were also arrested.

According to court documents, they admitted to taking receipts from trash containers and stealing items from Walgreens stores around the area to do cash returns. When police looked inside the car, they saw a collection of possibly stolen items still in the packaging.

Officers asked local Walgreens stores to take stock of what they were missing and said they matched the list to the items in view inside of the car. Court documents showed some of the allegedly stolen items were as follows: Nicorette gum, a 5-in-1 grooming kit, security devices, a portable phone battery, a lightning USB cable, and wireless earbuds.

Scams like this are a reminder of what someone can do with your trash.

"People are getting more and more creative and more sophisticated about how they're using our personal information," said Kirstin Davis with the Better Business Bureau.

A receipt probably is not going to have enough personal information for you to become a victim but it did have enough for the business to get hit by thieves in this case. However, if your name or any other personal information is on a document the Better Business Bureau says that could be enough to make you an identity theft victim.