SPOKANE, Wash.—A Spokane Police Officer responded to a theft and arrested Deanna Andrew, 43, for shoplifting and upon searching her, found heroin in her purse.

Witness Arnold Moss was working as loss prevention for the Wal-Mart off E Jay Avenue and North Dakota Street. He said he began to follow Andrew and witnessed her place LED light bulbs and a back scratcher in her purse.

The witness said he then saw the suspect walk past the final sale location without paying for the items concealed in her purse.

Moss said he confronted Andrew and escorted her to the security office where they found two cans of Red Bull, a package of mini cookies and a pair of shorts belonging to the store concealed on her person.

Officer Xavier Acosta responded to the incident regarding a shop lifting and after interviewing Arnold and Andrew, arrested Andrew for theft.

The officer said he searched Andrew and found a syringe containing heroin.

Andrew was arrested for possession of heroin and third degree theft and booked in Spokane County Jail.