SPOKANE, Wash. --- Last Friday, a man was robbed and tied up with electrical tape in Spokane.

The witness was working on his 2000 black Mercedes when he heard a vehicle pull up. The suspect, Anthony Gallo, knew the victim prior to the incident.

The victim let Gallo inside his house and they went to the victim's bedroom to talk.

Gallo confronted the witness about “ratting” him out and letting the police take his gun.

The victim looked over at his video surveillance screen to see a person outside his house.

Gallo let the man inside the house and they both went back to the bedroom.

Both Gallo and the other man pulled out guns and threatened to shoot the victim.

The victim and his two roommates were forced to load up all of their valuables, including nine rifles, into the victim’s Mercedes.

Gallo forced the victim onto the floor and told him he was going to shoot him in the back.

Instead, they tied up the victim with electrical tape.

Gallo drove off in his car and the second suspect drove off in the victim's Mercedes.

Officers arrested Gallo and the second suspect for one count of first degree burglary, three counts of first degree kidnapping and three counts for theft of a firearm.

The victim explained to police, Gallo was upset about a previous incident that happened between them. Gallo had hid a gun inside his house without his permission. The victim told police and Gallo ended up getting arrested for it.