SPOKANE, Wash. – Two people were arrested Tuesday night after Spokane police discovered an illegal marijuana grow operation in their house and mailing packages of marijuana through the United Parcel Service.

In March, UPS Security Manager Jesse Flamand contacted the police department after receiving a suspicious package. Employees at the store said the package smelled like marijuana. Flamand said he opened the package and discovered two priority mail boxes, each containing two large vacuum sealed bags of marijuana.

Shipment details indicated the package was sent from “Taylor Weimez” from a fraudulent Spokane address and was going to be sent to an address in Texas. Further investigation revealed “Taylor Weimez” sent 15 packages between January and March to various Texas addresses. In that three month period, “Weimez” had sent over 58lbs worth of packages to Texas.

Court documents said police used the website www.priceofweed.com to determine how much money Jackson would have made. On the website, it lists $260 for one ounce of marijuana in Texas. At that price, police determined Jackson made approximately $240,000 for his shipments.

In anticipation that “Wemeiz” would come back to the UPS store to send another package, Flamand said he told store employees to stall him. When “Weimez” did come back to the UPS store, the employees were able to take a picture of him and the car he was driving. One employee said the man used a credit card with the name Christopher Jackson.

After running the name and phone number used by Jackson, police were able to identify the name as Christopher D. Jackson, 27. In past police reports, officials said Jackson used a Spokane address which was also used by Tatum E. Wright, 26.

Spokane police requested power use and subscriber information from Avista and discovered massive electric use coming from their residence. This led police to believe an indoor grow operation was taking place. After walking by the residence, multiple officers said they smelled marijuana.

On Tuesday, Spokane police executed a search warrant to Jackson and Wright’s residence. Court documents said police found that two bedrooms were converted into grow rooms. Police also found potting soil, numerous bags of marijuana and $3,845 in cash.

Everything found was seized and both Jackson and Wright were booked into Spokane County Jail on charges of manufacturing a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance.