SPOKANE, Wash. - Police are investigating after three students at Spokane’s Pride Prep reported being harassed via Snapchat by someone impersonating another student.

Spokane Police filed a search warrant with Snapchat – a messaging application for cell phones – after two middle school students and one high school student reported the harassment.

According to court documents, the suspect had been impersonating another student on the application. School and police officials questioned the student being impersonated and searched his devices but did not find any evidence of Snapchat being ever installed. Court documents indicate police believe someone else was impersonating the student, and if identified will likely be charged with two counts of communicating with minors for immoral purposes.

The harassment began with one middle school student who got messages from the suspect asking for sexual favors and calling her a “botch.” The sender also seemed aware the victim was going to tell the principal and called her other curse words, documents report.

The sender then messaged another middle school student, writing “Ur a little n****r and deserve to die,” among other racial insults and curse words, according to court documents.

The third victim, a high school student, got messages from the same sender that asked the student for lewd photographs. The sender asked for shirtless pictures and when she said no, insulted the student and said that he wanted to have intercourse with her, among other lewd comments.

When questioned, the victims said they could not think of a person who would be responsible for the online harassment of all three of them.

Police filed a search warrant with Snapchat on Monday in hopes the company would be able to identify the person behind the inappropriate messages.