SPOKANE, Wash. – Residents in North Spokane were excited on Thursday after police shut down a “nuisance house” in their neighborhood.

The City of Spokane took the property owners to court through an abatement process.

Police said they responded to the home numerous times for all kinds of issues.

“This house has generated more than 56 calls for service from March of 2015 to October of this year,” said JJ O’Brian, the SPD public information officer. “[Including] drug related calls, litter and rubbish, noise complaints, and many other things.”
Eleven other homes in Spokane have gone through the same process. Once the City of Spokane takes over a home, it also tracks crime trends in the area before and after to see if boarding it up fixes the problem in the neighborhood.

On average, city officials have found so far, crime in the area immediately surrounding the problem house goes down by 88 percent.