SPOKANE, Wash. --- Police charged a woman for stealing and reselling Yeti coolers on Craigslist.

According to court documents, Marta Figueroa was caught on camera stealing More than $2,000 worth of high-end coolers from Sportsman’s Warehouse earlier this month.

Police identified her from surveillance footage using a booking photo after finding the suspect vehicle from the thefts is registered in her name, according to court records.

Officers said they found three listings for Yeti coolers posted for sale on Craigslist. They said all three listings were from the same person, “Lee” at a phone number registered to Figueroa and her boyfriend.

When police went to her home they found even more coolers that were not from the Spokane locations. According to court documents, Figueroa’s boyfriend said the coolers may have been from a Cabella’s in Post Falls or Missoula. When officers contacted the Missoula location, staff there said they had seen a woman on two different occasions with carts full of Yeti coolers.

When confronted, police said Figueroa told them she purchases the coolers for storing clothing and shoes, according to court documents.

“She stated she is on SSI and makes about $700 a month in SSI and just over $100 in food stamps,” an officer wrote in court documents.

Figueroa was booked for two counts of second degree theft, and six counts of first degree trafficking in stolen property.