SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. --- On Tuesday, a Yoke’s Fresh Market employee was sprayed in the face with pepper spray, after he tried to stop a shoplifter from leaving with a bag of candy.

The incident happened at the Yoke's Fresh Market on 9329 E. Montgomery in Spokane Valley.

An employee in the store noticed a woman putting candy inside her purse.

The employee described the suspect as a woman in her mid-twenties, who was wearing a blue wig.

The store employee said he was going to try and stop her if she tried to leave the store without paying for the items.

The female suspect was later identified as Taylor R. Carpenter.

The employee told police he watched Carpenter try to leave the store and told her she needed to stay inside the store until she paid.

Carpenter said “You cannot keep me from leaving.”

Carpenter took out a can of pepper spray and sprayed the employee in the face with it. The employee tried to grab Carpenter’s hand to stop her from using the pepper spray and the two began to struggle.

A second store employee got involved to try to break up the fight before a deputy arrived at the store.

The deputy was able to find the woman who matched the description of the suspect, Carpenter. She told the deputy she wanted to watch a movie later, so she went to the store to get some candy.

Carpenter admitted she tried to leave the store without paying for the candy, but told officials she was going to come back later and pay for the items.

She admitted to the deputy that she had used pepper spray on both of the employees.

Carpenter said the two employees assaulted her after she pepper sprayed them.

The deputy found several pieces of candy in Carpenter’s bag. The value of the items that were stolen was $60.47.

Carpenter was booked into the Spokane County Jail on two counts of robbery in the first degree.