SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of the “you have warrants” phone scam in the area again.

The first thing to know is anytime someone calls you and demands payment for a warrant or threatens your arrest, it is a scam. Law enforcement and other government agencies will not do this, according to the SCSO.

This time around, the predatory scammers are attempting to scare citizens by telling them they witnessed a collision, did not show up for court and now a warrant has been issued for their arrest, according to the SCSO.

The scammers continue to threaten the potential victim and tell them they must pay the fine for the warrant with a prepaid credit card.

“Special Investigations” is what the scammers identify themselves as. They have been using the name “Drew or Andrew Richmond,” said the sheriff’s office.

These criminals use fear and intimidation as they attempt to sound official by spouting off fake badge numbers, court cases or incident numbers and fake warrant charges. They have been using the number 509-557-3966, but they could be using others.

The sheriff’s office wants to remind people of the scammers’ activities and do not assume people know about it.