SPOKANE, Wash. --- The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a man they believe was involved in an armed robbery and assault on May 30.

Richard A. Rod, 32, is one of two suspects in the attack on the 12100 block of E. Portland, just before 12 p.m. The victim said two men, one armed with a knife, assaulted and attempted to rob him. During the struggle, the victim said he received several stab wounds, lacerations and was violently beaten. Officials said the victim received medical attention for non-life threatening injuries.

A Spokane Valley SWAT team and SCSO detectives arrested one man involved, Blain M. Peterson, 31, on charges of first degree robbery along with first and third degree assault while serving a search warrant on Friday morning. Rod, SCSO said, is believed to have left the the home just before the SWAT team arrived.

Deputies said they found several photos during their investigation of Rod, a convicted felon, posing with rifles, but did not locate the weapons in the pictures. The photos furthered law enforcement's belief that Rod and Peterson had access to weapons and might be armed.

Anyone with information about the incident, or who knows Rod’s location is asked to call 911 and reference case number # 10068007.

SCSO said anyone who sees Rod should not approach him, as he may be armed.