COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – The murder trial of a man accused of killing a Coeur d’Alene Police officer continued Tuesday.

Jonathan Renfro is accused of killing Sgt. Greg Moore back in May 2015 in Coeur d’Alene. Police said Moore pulled Renfro over, then Renfro pulled out a gun and shot him. Renfro pleaded guilty earlier this month to eluding police and grant theft but pleaded not guilty for murder.

Prosecutors played three different discs worth of dash cam video in court Tuesday from Sgt. Moore’s dash camera. It began showing Sgt. Moore patrolling a few Coeur d’Alene neighborhoods, then when he comes across Renfro and ends when Renfro ditches Sgt. Moore’s patrol car near the Stateline Walmart. The judge did not allow media to shoot the video in the courtroom.

Sgt. Moore’s patrol dash camera flashes the time stamp, May 5, 2015, at 1:07 a.m. as he drove through the neighborhoods for 15 minutes or so. On the second disc, you see a dark figure appears to be walking on the sidewalk. That is when Sgt. Moore stopped his patrol car to approach Renfro, but their exchange is out of the dash camera’s view.

In the third dash camera video, Sgt. Moore’s patrol car began to drive away at an increasingly fast speed. Prosecutors said this is when Renfro stole the patrol car. For several minutes, you can see Renfro bobbing back and forth between two lanes and running a few red lights.

Eventually, the video showed a car come to a stop at about 1:42 a.m. on the side of the road near the Stateline Walmart, Cisco Foods and Cabela’s.

After viewing this dash camera footage, prosecutors brought in witnesses that could speak to security footage of Renfro in the Walmart parking lot, as well as law enforcement officers that found Renfro hiding under a semi-truck trailer.

KCSO Jason Shaw is the K-9 handler who found Renfro hiding under the truck. In his testimony Tuesday, Shaw said he and his K-9 were accompanied by two members of the Post Falls SWAT team.

They headed toward the gravel parking lot where the semi truck trailers were parked, he testified, and told his K-9 to "find the man."

Once they got close to the trailers, the K-9 darted underneath the middle of the three trucks. Shaw said the dog bit Renfro in multiple spots on his right side, while he yelled at him to show his hands.

Renfro did this, and said he was stuck and could not get out from under the trailer, Shaw testified. That is when a member of the SWAT team helped free Renfro from the trailer.

That SWAT team member, Bradley Johnson, testified Tuesday as well; he explained what items he found on Renfro when he searched him.

Johnson said he found a handful of 9 millimeter hollow point bullets in Renfro's pants pocket, a wallet, cigarettes, a cell phone, keys and a black ski mask.

Post Falls detectives later testified they recovered a pistol and two magazines that were tucked underneath the semi-trailer, along with a flash light commonly used by law enforcement near the abandoned patrol car.

Monday, the jury watched body camera footage of the night Moore died. Court is scheduled to resume Thursday at 9 a.m.