ATHOL, Idaho --- Thirty pumpkins were stolen from Gingerberry Farm in the last week before they could be donated to children in the community.

Gingerberry Farm posted on Facebook Wednesday that 30 pumpkins had been stolen from them.

The farm usually raises poultry, sells plant starts and makes vegetable soaps, but for October they grow pumpkins for a good cause. The farm holds an annual festival called the “Pumpkin Hacker,” and it is on October 14 this year.

They grow pumpkins to give out to all the local kids that come, they also supply carving supplies and other pumpkin decorations to the children.

One of the owners of the farm, Dannelle Lytle, said they have been doing the festival for about five years. Lytle said it is completely out of pocket for them to throw this small community festival, but they love doing it.

This year the farm grew 338 pumpkins for all the people who signed up for the festival. When Lytle was moving them to a storage area on Wednesday, she noticed there were 30 less pumpkins. Lytle said she noticed it Wednesday but suspects they were stolen sometime in the last week.

The field the pumpkins are grown in is blocked from view from the road by trees and undergrowth. Lytle said it is likely the person who took the pumpkins knew they were there. And if they knew they were there, they must have known what they were there for.

“It’s just so disappointing to us…. It is a huge out of pocket expense for us, but that isn’t why I’m disappointed. Someone obviously knew what the pumpkins were there for, and they still took them,” said Lytle.