SPOKANE, Wash. – PRIDE Prep leaders explained Friday in an email to parents and staff why they decided to cancel classes Friday after receiving a bomb threat on Thursday.

“Yesterday, after students left the building for the day, our email security system quarantined a message that indicated ‘in your first period we will bomb your school,’” Brenda McDonald, the founder of PRIDE Schools wrote. “Our decision to not hold school today is twofold. First of all, the threat indicated an approximate time of day. Second, because the threat came through email I felt that we might have the potential to trace where it came from given a little more time.”

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The school sent out an original email Thursday that said school leaders had notified local authorities and have done security sweeps on their campuses. They said they did not have any active threat on campus.

McDonald said Friday they were in contact throughout the investigation with Spokane Police Department, and they have “several cyber experts attempting to backtrack a bogus email account” to figure out who sent the threat.

She said they expect to have students back in the classroom on Monday.