SPOKANE, Wash. – A 32-year-old man is facing charges after police say he snuck into a dorm on the campus of Gonzaga University.

Spokane County Court documents show 32 year old Tyrel Darrough got inside Coughlin Hall and took photos of a woman taking a shower around 9 a.m. on March 20.

Coughlin Hall is a coed dorm for first and second year students. One resident said she was surprised the suspect got as far as he did because the hall is considered the most secure. Students have to use a key card at multiple check points to get to their rooms.

"There's three doors to get through and you can't get in unless you live in Coughlin. And even when my friends come over, you have to come down and let them in,” Freshman Aria Sandhu said.

Court documents say he followed students as they used their key cards to get in.

Darrough eventually made his way to a women's bathroom where a female resident was taking a shower. According to police, she noticed a hand holding a cell phone over the shower stall taking pictures of her in "selfie mode."

Darrough is also accused of stealing a longboard and a grey towel out of another women's bathroom in the hall.

"We were all just so surprised there was a guy that we didn't know. Because we know all the boys on our floor,” Sandhu said. “This guy we didn't know was on our floor so early in the morning."

The University said exterior doors on all residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, security cameras are in place, and throughout the day security officers conduct walk-throughs in each hall.

Darrough was arrested and charged with burglary in the second degree. He has since been released under the condition he does not go near any higher education learning institutions in Spokane County.

He will appear in court for his arraignment on April 11.