SPOKANE, Wash. – One of Spokane County’s most prolific criminals is behind bars yet again.

Chris Hooper is only 26-years-old, but KREM 2 has been reporting his crimes for over a decade. Police said the career felon was most recently arrested for carrying drugs.

According to court documents, police arrested Hooper in downtown Spokane after they said they observed him pushing a baby stroller with power tools inside. Thinking it was odd, an officer stopped him. Police said Hooper was also carrying illegal prescription drugs.

A check of his record showed he had three warrants for his arrest. This week’s arrest was not Hooper’s first, or second.

In 2007, Hooper was arrested for driving a stolen car against traffic on I-90. Police said he reached 100-miles-per hour while deliberately going the wrong direction.

A year and a half later, Hooper was accused of second-degree murder for a stabbing in North Spokane. He was sentenced to probation in that case.

Then in 2010, Hooper was arrested after going on a burglary spree in Airway Heights. At the time, residents told KREM 2 they were shaken by his brazen actions.

“It’s an eerie feeling that you’re asleep in your bed and someone is out here stealing your stuff,” said one victim.

Hooper served 22 months in jail for those crimes.

In 2011, Hooper was arrested again for car theft. Undercover officers said there was only so much they could do.

Given that most of Hooper’s recent crimes were for petty offenses, police said it is unlikely he will serve a long time in prison this time around.

Hooper faced a judge for his most recent drug charges on Wednesday. He will be back in court at the end of June.

Editor's Note: KREM 2 was initially told by officials Hooper was arrested on three different warrants. His family insists that was not the case, but SPD did not immediately respond to request for comments on Thursday. Hooper's family also said he was not doing anything wrong at the time he was arrested most recently and that he had a prescription for what police said were illegal prescription drugs on him. When SPD responds, this story will be updated.