SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane police released the names of the officers involved in a shooting at the Shadle Walmart on Oct. 4 when officers shot and killed a suspect.

Spokane police confirmed the three officers involved in the shooting are Sergeant Brian Eckersley, Officer Darrell Quarles and Officer Ryan Smith

Officer Quarles and Officer Smith fired their weapons and Sergeant Eckersley was not involved in the deadly force but did use his vehicle to block the suspect vehicle in the parking lot, according to a Spokane police press release.

Original story: Suspect shot and killed by Spokane police at Shadle Walmart

On Oct. 4., Spokane police officers noticed a car that matched the stolen car's description. Officers noticed the car was occupied. The person who stole the car had a gun when he did it, so officers believed the occupant of the car was armed.

Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl said the officers blocked the vehicle in to reduce the risk to the community. Meidl went on to explain an armed female passenger got out of the car, but cooperated with officers. Meidl said the male driver stayed in the car and was not listening to commands, so officers fired their weapons at the him. The driver succumbed to his injuries. The female passenger was detained.

Sergeant Brian Eckersley
Officer Darrell Quarles
Officer Ryan Smith