HAYDEN, Idaho --- KREM 2 learned more about David E. Hutto, the man accused of killing Bo Kirk. Many of Hutto’s neighbors were surprised about Hutto’s arrest and said he did not live in the neighborhood for very long.

Police said Hutto, who is now facing second degree murder charges, lived in a home off of Miles Avenue in Hayden, Idaho.

Some of Hutto’s neighbors said they did not know him very well because he kept to himself. Neighbors did say, Hutto frequently had yard sales and may have lived with a woman.

Hutto’s neighbors knew about the investigation into Kirk’s death, but many of them were not prepared to find out an accused killer was living nearby.

Investigators said they were at Hutto’s home for hours, collecting evidence.

KREM 2 spoke with one woman who said seeing the large police presence on Friday was a bit frightening.

Hutto does not appear to have a criminal record in Idaho and neighbors said he only lived in the neighborhood for about eight months.

A man in the area, who asked not to be identified, said Hutto’s arrest shocked many people.

"You do not get that everyday here, a guy wants to make sure he's got his gun loaded, you know, you never know who's around,” said the Hayden resident.

The man added he did not know much about Hutto but said the neighborhood that Hutto lived in was just a typical neighborhood.