SPOKANE, Wash. — The mother of the 2-year-old killed on the South Hill last year took the stand Monday, and admitted to verbally abusing her four kids.

Jason Obermiller is on trial for the murder of Lovina Rainey’s daughter, Addy Hoyt, who was found dead last year. He is the ex-boyfriend of Rainey.

Rainey testified she recently pleaded guilty to a federal drug charge and is awaiting sentencing. She was arrested when drugs were found in her home during the investigation into the death of her daughter, Addy.

“I’m not the mother that I should have been,” Rainey said. “I’ve said some awful things to them.”

Photo of Addy Hoyt, who died earlier this month in a South Hill home. (Photo courtesy of family)

She said she told her children, all four of them, that she hated them and called them stupid. Rainey said she never physically abused them. Rainey said the fathers of her children were physically and verbally abusive before describing getting beat and assaulted

She went on to describe her relationship with Jason Obermiller, and said it centered predominantly around drugs. She said at one point, she believed she was in love with Obermiller. Rainey said Obermiller was good with her kids and favored Adalynn over her other three children.

“She liked him, she loved him, I mean definitely. There's times where she would rather be with him than me,” Rainey said.

Defense attorneys have said Obermiller and Addy were “best buds” so it does not make sense for him to be responsible for her death.

Jason Obermiller. 

The defense also claims the timeline of events of that night is wrong, and Obermiller was already out of the house when Addy was killed. The prosecution, on the other hand, said Obermilller was the last person seen with Addy while she was still alive.

Photo of Addy Hoyt, who died earlier this month in a South Hill home. (Photo courtesy of family)

Anthony Bettcher, also known as Stranger, also took the stand Monday. He is under federal indictment because of the drugs found in the home during the investigation of Addy’s murder.

He said he went Rainey’s home to find out about missing drugs the night of her death. He testified her remembered Addy saying she was hungry when she was in Obermiller’s room that night, and that he offered to buy pizza.

“Little Caesar’s is only five bucks, I’m not trippin’,” Bettcher testified he told Rainey that night. She said she would make a frozen pizza. Bettcher said he and Obermiller did heroin that night.

He testified Rainey called him hysterically after Addy was found dead and she told him “he killed my baby.”

Bettcher said he is a gang member and familiar with drug culture. He said women and children are off limits when it comes to threats. Bettcher testified he did not hear or see Addy being beaten. He testified he would never allow that to happen, and would have stepped in if he witnessed it.

“When you start doing heroin, it’s like a monkey on your back,” he said. “You can’t get rid of it.”

Bettcher said he did not hear anything coming from Obermiller’s room that night.

Obermiller himself is also expected to testify in the case.

Jason Obermiller at the start of his murder trial for the death of Addy Hoyt on June 7, 2017