SPOKANE, Wash. --- It is one of the more unusual ways a suspect has tried to elude police.

Payton Irvin, 18, was captured following a police chase when he pulled into a Jack and the Box drive thru on Saturday night.

Court documents show Irvin was driving north on Ray Street going about 50 mph. He passed a Spokane Police officer who was stopped at 11th and Ray Street doing paperwork. The officer pulled out behind Irvin and tried to pull him over, but the suspect took off down the road.

Irvin drove recklessly and at one point blew a stop sign at Freya Street and E. Hartson Avenue, according to court documents. The SPD officer said he lost track of him near E. 8th Avenue and S. Chronicle Street.

Three minutes later, SPD said, the officer spotted him heading westbound on 7th Avenue without his headlights on. Irvin then pulled into the drive through of the Jack in the Box on Sprague Avenue.

Two officers blocked Irvin in and arrested him.

Irvin does not have a criminal history. In court, his parents said they were “baffled” by his actions and think he just made a mistake.

He was released without bond.