SPOKANE, Wash. --- A local man appeared in court Monday for the first time, charged with shooting a man in the shin.

Danny T. Williams faces charges of assault in the first degree, unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree, and a drive by shooting charge for the August incident at 1518 W. Sharp Ave.

When officers arrived to the scene back in August, they found a man with a gunshot wound in his shin.

The victim was rushed to Sacred Heart Hospital where he was treated for the gunshot wound.

A woman who knew the victim said the man was reluctant to tell her who shot him.

A man near the scene said the victim pulled up to the front of his residence near 1514 W. Sharp. The witness saw the victim and another person arguing about something.

The witness believes he heard two gun shots go off.

Detectives responded to the scene after the victim was taken to the hospital.

One of the detectives found a shell casing and other evidence, including a bloody piece of jean material which was believed to be from the victims pant leg.

The evidence was passed on to police.

Detectives contacted three people who lived near the scene.

All three people were also reluctant to tell detectives who shot the victim.

Finally, one of the men said they saw a male accuse the victim of stealing a guitar. Another man, said “Two Braids” shot the victim.

Based on the vehicle description of the car the suspect left in, police were able to pull over a vehicle matching that description.

When officers stopped the car, the man initially lied about his name.

The man admitted to police that his cousin and him, went to 1500 W. Sharp Ave.

He said his cousin, Danny T. Williams, and the victim were arguing about a Dean Guitar.

The man said the victim yelled “Go ahead and shoot me.”

Williams then shot the victim.

The man admitted, that after Williams shot the victim, his cousin and him got in the car and drove to an area off of Maxwell and Maple.

The two got out of the car and went separate ways.

Court documents reveal Williams has three felony convictions, one of which was a domestic violence court order that Williams violated.