SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - A Spokane Valley man is facing two first degree assault charges after allegedly hitting a friend and shooting another outside a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Officials said Chad A. Dobson, 42, and the shooting victim are friends and agreed to meet at the restaurant. Witnesses told police Dobson was upset with the victim and wanted to talk to him about his treatment of the victim's soon to be ex-wife during their divorce.

A mutual friend drove the victim to the location, and waited in the vehicle while the victim met Dobson inside the bar, officials said. Dobson later noticed the mutual friend in the parking lot and began to threaten both of them, officials said.

"During the argument, Dobson pulled out a handgun, struck the mutual friend in the head several times with the butt of the gun and pointed at his head telling him to leave which he did.," Spokane Valley PD said in a release. "Dobson then turned his attention back to the victim. He began to approach the victim with the handgun raised and pointed at him. The victim raised his hand to block the gun as Dobson fired striking the victim in the hand."

The shooting victim ran back into the restaurant and called 911, officials said. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment, and the victim who was hit also had to have medical attention for minor injuries.

Dobson was booked in Spokane County Jail for two counts of first degree assault with a firearm.